Wakerlook Designer

Jordan Wentor
has been the creative director
since 2018.

Since the launch of the house Wakerlook in 2018. Jordan Wentor born on March 7, 1996 in Aubagne, France as Jordan Patrice Wentor, is the creative director running the house, introducing his new style of modern geometric fashion through the evolution on form, pointed on a chic streetwear style.

The Love of Fashion

I Grew up in Guadeloupe with my mum, step-dad and my four siblings, very young I always been passionate about fashion. Circumstances made that I became independent early around 16 years old, so at that time my focus was mostly about keep going to school and have a living but when I turned 18 years old, I left Guadeloupe then I started modelling and catwalk in Paris... it gave me a little bit more love, experiences and visibility in the fashion industry. After two years in Paris I moved to london for my school that's when the Wakerlook journey started..

A differente vision for Wakerlook

I wanted to bring something controversal, A street wear style but chic and class! A life style when you dare to be fashion everyday. When I'm designing for Wakerlook my inspiration is mostly pointed from geometry, a combination of colors and form but in a fashion way.

Creative director of Wakerlook: Jordan Wentor
Creative director of Wakerlook: Jordan Wentor