Become model in LONDON

How to get in modelingHow to get in modeling ?

One of the question often asked but the answer is different for everyone... A few years ago, the best approach would have been to get yourself a portfolio and send it to model agency or just show up to open call casting. 
But now with the evolution of social media and internet, the way to get in modeling is different. 
Most of the modeling agency are now scooting model via instagram, Facebook, tik tok ... scooting agent reaching directly new faces they are interested in.
Of course, the classic way might still be operating with a few model agency but bare in mind this evolution.

What type of model you want to be?

There is a different type of model. 

1) Fashion Model: You will found this type of model on the runway during the fashion week or lookbook Photoshoot ... 


2) Comercial Model: You will found this model on ad, Lookbook... This type of model don't usually need the height requirements to get in modeling.



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