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London in Fashion - British brands


British brands - London Fashion week
 Since many years London has been a to go stop for fashion, Many big fashion brands born in London such as Burberry, Wakerlook, Vivienne Westwood ... 

Many other big brands not from London but still with big high street stores such as Louie vuitton, Prada, Dior ...

London became a distinctive fashion center In the twenty-first century, among the world biggest cities of fashion such as Paris, Milan, New york...

Every year the city welcome is traditional London Fashion Week where many designers and fashion houses around the world come to showcase their new collection.

Each year the London Fashion Week is the to go place for huge celebrities around the world looking for the new trends.

If you want to meet celebrity, you should hang out in London during the Fashion week. A detailed calendar can be found each year on the official website of the London Fashion week.


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